Belgium to Reopen Floating Migrant Center

A pontoon-based 'asylum center' will be reopened to accommodate migrants in Ghent, Belgium, according to reports.

The floating Reno shelter, a former prison boat, was originally used as a reception center during the 2015 migration crisis, but was abruptly closed a year later.

Reno will likely return to its former location at the Rigakaai, a waterway near central Ghent, under the management of Fedasil, Belgium's federal agency for the reception of asylum seekers.

Fedasil is reportedly struggling to accommodate the influx of migrants in current facilities, and will again utilize Reno, which can house up to 250 migrants who will be free to come and go as they please.

"Medical and social support will be provided as long as the asylum application is ongoing," Het Laatste Nieuws reports. "The city of Ghent itself has put 727,000 euros on the table to provide extra support, with coordinators, psychologists and organizations that have to accompany the newcomers."

"There will also be a renewed focus on voluntary work, people who want to take the newcomers in tow. Last time, Ghent's civil society was actively involved with the asylum seekers, for example, a project was started to teach them how to cycle."

The agency says Reno will start welcoming migrants in December and will be in operation for at least two years.

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