Berlin Transit Authority Urges Commuters to Forgo Deodorant So Riders Use Masks

Berlin commuters are being encouraged by local authorities to give up underarm hygiene in order to compel public transit riders to cover their entire faces with masks.

BVG, which oversees public transportion in Germany's capital city, launched the 'humorous' campaign to reeducate travelers who fail to cover their noses with face masks, which are compulsory on buses, trains, and other forms of mass transit nationwide.

"You leave us no choice," BVG announced via a meme shared on social media.

"Because there are so many people who think that they can wear the mask under their noses, we are now pulling other strings. The BVG calls on everyone to give up deodorant. Still want to keep your nose exposed?"

BVG is reportedly known for using a comedic approach to promote its agenda.

"Yes, anyone who's spent time in Berlin knows just how smelly U-Bahn trains and buses can get in the summer, particularly with no air conditioning and when there are lots of people on board," The Local Germany reports.

"So it's true that adding a lack of deodorant to the mix might encourage people to actually cover their noses."

Berlin authorities recently implemented penalties for anyone refusing to wear masks where they are mandatory, including in shops.

Fines start at 50 euros (~$56) and climb to 500 euros (~$560) for repeat offenders.

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