Bilderberg Globalists Meet Minutes From ‘No-Go’ Migrant Village

Globalists and open borders technocrats congregated for the 2018 Bilderberg meeting in the Lingotto district of Turin, Italy, which is also home to a housing complex occupied by over 1,000 migrants.

Just a stone’s throw across the railroad tracks from the NH Lingotto Hotel, where Bildbergers secured themselves behind massive physical walls and security patrols, sits the former Olympic athletes’ village, built for the 2006 Winter Games in Turin.


The village is now home to more than a thousand mostly-African migrants who have commandeered the facility with the encouragement of local activists and little pushback from authorities.


In 2013, migrants began moving into the abandoned buildings, and many more followed suit, quickly turning it into one of the largest migrant ‘occupations’ in the region.


Local Italian journalist Luca Donadel told Infowars Europe that the migrant village is essentially the beginnings of a ‘no-go zone,’ as police are generally unable or disinterested in enforcing the law there.

“It’s a huge public security problem because nobody can do anything about it,” Donadel explained. “You would have to bring the army to move these people - it’s a really big risk.”

“We’ve had several incidents where girls were passing by and were raped, and police can’t really do something about it. It’s very difficult to find out who the aggressors are and arrest them, because what can you do when you have 1,000 people who you know nothing about? They have no documents, nothing.”


A local taxi driver expressed his concern with the effects immigration has had on his city since the 1980s, saying that the migration is bringing some "very dangerous people."

One former Turin resident told Infowars Europe that he moved to Moscow where he feels much more safe.

Italy’s new governing coalition has vowed to deport 100,000 migrants per year during its administration, a bold undertaking that would likely lead to civil unrest and require an unprecedented police and military strategy - one similar to that which was implemented to guard the Bilderbergers this year.

“I think it’s going to be a huge challenge for this government to do something about this,” Donadel asserted. “It’s going to be very expensive, it’s going to be very difficult.”

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