Bin Ladin: Biden Regime ‘Relentlessly Slandering Trump Supporters as Domestic Terrorists in Order to Persecute Them’

The rights of Americans are being rapidly stripped away by an ever-powerful globalist regime, warns free speech activist Noor Bin Ladin.

During an interview in Geneva with Infowars Europe, Bin Ladin highlighted the brutal mistreatment of hundreds of Trump supporters languishing in U.S. prisons since the January 6th ‘insurrection hoax,’ which appears to have been partially orchestrated by federal operatives, according to reports.

“We see that the national security apparatus and the leaders of the country, the ruling class, have relentlessly repeated this whole ‘domestic terrorism’ lie,” Bin Ladin said. “They are slandering Trump supporters in order to be able to persecute them and go after them through every means necessary – and in order to shut down anyone who questions the legitimacy of this regime.”

Citing a bombshell report from indicating federal agencies may have played a key role in the ‘Capitol Siege’ in January, Bin Ladin said, “I don’t recognize America anymore.”

“Our freedoms are so curtailed already. What we are witnessing now should alarm every single person.”

Bin Ladin, a Swiss citizen, was nearly arrested for organizing a pro-Trump ‘boat flotilla’ on Lake Geneva in the hours before the Putin-Biden summit this week.

“[The globalists] want to resume their implementation of a New World Order, repackaged now as ‘The Great Reset,’ that was thwarted by the election win of President Trump in 2016,” she said. “In the words of [French President] Macron last week, having Biden there is having America ‘back into the club.’”

“I don’t want their club. I am going to continue by whatever means I can to stand up against them.”

Darren Beattie of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down his story exposing the FBI's involvement in organizing the Jan. 6th D.C. Capitol riot. 

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