Boat Migrants Captured In UK Woman's Front Yard

Migrants who illegally landed in the UK after crossing the English Channel from France were apprehended in a young mother's yard, according to reports.

Eight men who abandoned a rubber dinghy near Dungeness, England, were later captured, with three of the men turning up in front of the house of a 31-year-old woman who documented the incident on social media.

"It’s all happening out front of our house 3 immigrants detained by police. Media everywhere," wrote Kimberly Addy.

Addy offered additional insight, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

"I was in the lounge feeding my baby when I saw the police outside," she said. "I saw the men there earlier but I didn't think anything of it. They were all walking around normally as if nothing had happened. But when police got here they seemed frail."

"There were only three of them here but I've heard eight of them were seen on the beach earlier. When the police came, they took their jackets off and police gave them foil blankets. An ambulance pulled up and police sent it away. I thought it was all a bit strange — I just saw it from my window."

While police say they have arrested one suspect under suspicion of human trafficking, they say the migrants are in the "care" of Border Force.

"Border Force was contacted by HM Coastguard this morning, Monday 7 January, at around 8.20am after they received reports of an unattended RHIB at Dungeness, Kent," a Home Office spokesperson said in a statement.

"Border Force officers were deployed to secure the vessel. A search of  the local area found eight people. Seven of those are now in Border Force care and the eighth has been transferred to hospital."

"A ninth man, who was also found in the area, has been arrested on suspicion of facilitating illegal entry to the UK."

Illegal boat crossings between France and the UK have reached a crisis in recent weeks, with hundreds of migrants landing on UK shores, many of whom reportedly identify as Iranian.

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid recently declared the surge of crossings a "major incident" and announced the deployment of two Border Force cutters to patrol the Channel.

(PHOTO: Kimberly Addy / Facebook)

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