Bosnian Security Minister Calls For Mass Deportations Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Bosnia's top security official has called for the mass deportation or imprisonment of thousands of illegal migrants as Europe battles the coronavirus crisis.

Minister of Security Fahrudin Radoncic is expected to submit a formal proposal to parliament recommending the removal of thousands of migrants currently occupying camps and asylum centers in Bosnia, the Associated Press reports.

“We want to [ease] the burden of taking care of 8,000 to 9,000 people here," Radoncic said. "We just can't handle that, especially now, with the virus situation."

"We also want to psychologically discourage new migrants from coming here after the pandemic ends and borders open again."

Additionally, Radoncic says migrants who refuse to present identification or documentation about their origins should be jailed.

"(Migrants) who do not want to show their identity cards will not be allowed to use our migrant and refugee camps anymore," Radoncic said.  

"They will go straight to jail. And we will keep them there for one to five years until we can establish their identity. This is our proposal for a new law."

Authorities recently began transferring hundreds of migrants squatting in the border town of Bihac to a tent facility run by the U.N. International Organization for Migration (IOM) in an effort to ease tensions and health risks in the area.

A new wave of migration issues has been brewing on the Balkan Peninsula after the region saw hundreds of thousands of migrants pass through during the 2015 crisis, as Infowars Europe has regularly documented.

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