Bosnians Protest as Migrants Flood Small City

Residents of the small city of Bihač in northwest Bosnia staged a protest as migrants continue to flood the region on their way towards the European Union.

Citizens are outraged at their government’s handling of the situation, which has led to a health and security crisis, while also dealing a blow to the tourist industry, they say.

Local media reports that migrants have been steadily arriving via bus and, having overwhelmed meager asylum facilities, are now camping in the open and destroying parks, cemeteries and a soccer stadium.

The protest’s organizer, Halid Dedic, estimates that roughly 5,000 migrants are squatting in Bihač, comprising nearly 10 percent of the population.

Some locals believe there may be an intentional plan to “destroy Bihač to the ground.”

“Of course I will join the protests, because it is not a political gathering,” one woman told N1 News. “It is a group of citizens that got organized with the goal to draw attention to what is happening. Most people are not aware of how serious the situation is.”

“Our 'Minister of insecurity' told us the other day that there are not four thousand migrants here. The truth is that there are not four thousand, but five thousand migrants. They leave while new ones come in.”

A local writer expressed his frustration to N1, saying, “These people don’t fit in here culturally."

“I wrote several books about this town,” he explained. “I cannot visit my park anymore. I cannot go to my beach on the Una river. It is occupied.”

Bihač Mayor Šuhret Fazlić supports his constituents, asserting that the federal government has left them high and dry as the city’s atmosphere feels like “sitting on a powder keg.”

“I think that the problems remain while the migrants keep coming. The state institutions have been demonstrating inefficiency since the beginning,” Fazlic said. “Nobody knows how many of them are in Bihac. . . nobody knows who those people are.”

“Bihac is not what it used to be. We can only sit and cry while watching what's happening.”

Infowars Europe has documented the escalating migrant crisis on the Balkan Peninsula, including reports about a new “mosque route” through Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, along which a network of Islamic groups are reportedly aiding and sheltering them as they make their way towards Croatia and the EU beyond.

(PHOTO: Attila Husejnow/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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