Brexit Party Now Just One Point Behind Labour in National Poll

With the Brexit Party set to dominate the European elections, another poll shows that Nigel Farage’s outfit is now just one point behind the Labour Party in a national election poll.

Polls for the Euro elections show the Brexit Party capturing around 35 per cent of the vote, more than the two establishment Conservative and Labour parties combined.

However, just 6 weeks after it was launched, TBP is just a single point behind Labour in a hypothetical national election and three points ahead of the ruling Conservative Party.

A poll by OpiniumResearch for Westminster voting intention shows the Brexit Party on 25%, just one point behind Labour on 26% and three points ahead of the Tories on 22%.

Support for the Brexit Party in a Westminster election could be even higher given that their numbers have improved broadly since this poll was conducted.

This is a phenomenal effort and illustrates how truly frustrated the country is with the two party system and the betrayal of Brexit.

Following the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May, who announced today she would step down on June 7, the opportunity remains open for the Conservatives to pick a Brexiteer who can lead the UK out of the EU.

However, if they fail to do so, the Brexit Party will be waiting in the wings to ensure the Tories’ days in Westminster are numbered.

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