‘British To Be Minority By 2066’ Banner Flown Over Premier League Match

A banner that said “British to be minority by 2066” was flown over the Premier League football match between Manchester City and Liverpool yesterday afternoon.

A light airplane carried the banner over the Etihad Stadium, prompting an outpouring of condemnation on Twitter.

Although it used the word “British,” the banner was obviously referring to White people becoming a minority in Britain within 50 years.

“Who pays for these racist banners to be flown over the Etihad? Seriously F*** off,” reacted one person.

“2066 is oddly specific,” another respondent observed.

However, the date is a reference to a study cited by Professor David Coleman of Oxford University which was reported on by the British media back in 2010.

Coleman said White British people would make up less than half the population in “little more” than 50 years, adding that this would “change national identity.”

“If immigration stays at its long-term rate of around 180,000 a year, the white British-born population would decline from 80 per cent of the total now to just 59 per cent in 2051, analysis of figures from the Office of National Statistics shows,” the Daily Mail reported at the time.

White British people are already a minority in the capital city of London.

The 2011 census showed that 44.9% were White British, a number that will almost certainly have decreased when the results of the 2021 census are revealed later this year.

During a Premier League match at the height of the Black Lives Matter riots back in 2020, a banner was flown above a match during Manchester City’s game at Burnley which said, “White Lives Matter Burnley.”


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