Brits Outraged Over Police "Virtue Signaling"

A police department in Manchester, England, is the latest to draw outrage and ridicule for "virtue signaling" on social media after posting a photo of an officer in an "LGBT pride" outfit.

GMP Bolton Central shared an image to Twitter of a presumably male officer wearing a rainbow bumble bee costume with the caption, "GMP are getting involved are you? #policewithpride"

Users flooded the post with responses blasting the misuse of resources and its "embarassing" nature while crime explodes in Britain.

The photo had racked up over 1,200 comments but only 205 likes at the time of this writing -- an atypical ratio for viral Twitter posts.

Some also pointed out that the police vehicle in the scene was committing an infraction that would earn normal folks a ticket.

"I looked at the rust on the van, parked on double yellow lines, near a junction and thought ‘definitely a wind-up,'" writes Al Rush in the most popular reply. "Then I saw that blue tick. Honestly, @GMPBoltonCentre - this is almost too embarrassing for words."

"Here's a thought... stop with all this pc, virtue signalling nonsense and do your damn job," Sara Lovett writes in another favored response. "In a time of rising crime, lack of police visibility this really isn't what the public want to see. Badly misjudged the public mood."

"I am an adult gay male," Mark Acaster replied. "I don’t want special treatment. I don’t want a 'service' run by Common Purpose idiots. I want a police force run by seasoned officers who enforce the law, and are respected by the people they serve. This is a patronising and embarrassing PR disaster."

UK law enforcement's use of social media has become infamous, as departments across the British Isles regularly promote social justice causes, publicize laughable 'weapons confiscations,' threaten users who mock their posts, and even encourage citizens to report "non-crime hate incidents."

(PHOTO: GMP Bolton Central / Twitter)

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