Brussels Asylum Office Reopens Despite Coronavirus Lockdown

An asylum center in Brussels has reopened its reception offices despite strict lockdown orders which apply to all residents of Belgium.

Migrants can once again apply for asylum at the Klein Kasteeltje reception center in Brussels after the facility was closed for two weeks due to the Wuhan virus crisis.

“Now the asylum counters will reopen anyway, although precautions will be taken,” SCEPTR reports.

“For example, asylum seekers will have to make an appointment using an online form so that there are never too many asylum seekers at the counters at the same time.”

Dozens or hundreds of migrants often queued at the Klein Kasteeltje offices in the past.

“The adapted working method has been tested with experts in public health,” said Minister of Asylum and Migration Maggie De Block.

“Although the closure of borders means that few new asylum seekers are arriving in Belgium, it is important to comply with our international obligations.”

Residents of Belgium have been locked down since March 18, only allowed to leave their homes for select reasons.

The national lockdown was originally set to run through April 5, but a government task force has determined it is "far too early" to begin easing restrictions.

Belgium has recorded 22,194 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 2,035 related deaths at the time of this writing.

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