Brussels Buses Suspend Service to ‘No-Go’ Station, Citing Malaria, TB Outbreak

Bus drivers will no longer service a major Brussels station, trade unions have announced, citing a reported outbreak of diseases including malaria, tuberculosis, and scabies.

Brussels-North, one of the city’s busiest transportation hubs, has been overrun by illegal migrants who have turned the station and nearby Maximilian Park into a de facto 'no-go zone,’ according to local media and officials.

“The trade unions ACLVB, ACV and ACOD have agreed not to stop at the North station. The action is a result of the news that scabies, malaria and tuberculosis had broken out at the station,” Het Laatste Nieuws reports.

“The drivers at De Lijn have been complaining for months about unsafe and unsanitary conditions at and around Brussels North Station, where many homeless people and transmigrants hang out.”

While some city officials have reportedly attempted to downplay the budding health crisis, the unions say its severity has been confirmed by police familiar with the situation.

"According to the occupational physician there is no danger, but I call it sweets to appease the people," said union spokesman Marcel Conters. “Even the police only drive past here in pairs. If they do come out of their car, they wear masks. That illustrates how unhealthy it is here."

The unions blasted a “lack of decisiveness” by those responsible for mitigating the issues at hand.

“Little or no progress is made in the situation and everything continues to run its course,” they said in a statement. “The consequence of this is that the situation is deteriorating day by day and that the safety and health of our drivers and customers will become less and less guaranteed in the future."

Infowars Europe has reported regularly about the plight of Brussels-North and other public transit stations in the EU stronghold, many of which are becoming hotspots for crime and violence often perpetrated by migrants.

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