Brussels Officials Ordered to Avoid Public Park After Slew of Migrant Attacks

Government employees have been ordered to avoid walking near a Brussels park during their work commute after a slew of robberies and attacks by migrants in recent weeks, according to local media.

Since October 1st, at least seven public workers have been ambushed while passing through Maximilian Park en route from a nearby transit station to the Flemish Administrative Center, Der Standaard reports.

"Given the current social context and the dark days, it is best for your safety to avoid the Maximilian Park and to focus on well-lit main roads," civil servants were advised, according to SCEPTR.

Government employees union ACOD has instructed members to either make the journey via a provided shuttle bus service, or take a taxi, asserting that prior warnings about the increasing danger have drawn ridicule.

"We were painted as ridiculous before," says AOCD representative Jan Van Wesemael. "But these new incidents show that we were right and that the environment is dangerous. I hope that officials will use that shuttle bus as much as possible."

SCEPTR journalist Tom Lallemand recently posted a video of the park and its inhabitants on social media, writing, "Hundreds of illegal immigrants sleep or wander around in Maximilian Park Brussels, harrowing."

Monique De Ceuster, 57, was a recent victim, suffering a cracked elbow during a gang robbery.

"I was on my way to the station on Tuesday evening when I was attacked from behind," De Ceuster told Der Standaard. "Three men pulled off my handbag and backpack and pushed me to the ground."

Press TV reported that some 500 mostly-African migrants were living in Maximilian Park as of March, noting that the majority were not even applying for asylum "for fear of being deported."

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