Brussels Police Arrest Sixteen After Mob Attacks Officers During Drug Bust

Police arrested 16 suspects after a large group attacked officers in an effort to interrupt a drug bust in Brussels, Belgium, according to reports.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday in Jette, a municipality in the Brussels Capital Region, HLN reports.

“Our teams were called up on Tuesday afternoon for a possible drug deal on the Jules Lahayestraat in Jette,” said Caroline Vervaet, a spokeswoman for the Brussels West police.

"When they tried to charge the suspects on the spot, a group of 15 people turned up who wanted to physically prevent it.”

Reinforcements from local and federal law enforcement were called to the scene, and officers managed to trap the group in a parking garage.

A total of sixteen people were taken into custody, authorities say.

“There were no injuries in the intervention, but reports have been drawn up for assault and battery on police officers,” said police spokeswoman Vervaet.

The incident is the latest in a surge of mob attacks and ambushes of police officers and first responders in Belgium.

Such events have become commonplace in Brussels, particularly in districts with large migrant populations, as Infowars Europe has reported.

In October, police in the Brussels district of Matonge were attempting to arrest a suspect carrying drugs when he began calling for onlookers to intervene on his behalf.

Dozens of bystanders pelted the officers with bottles, chairs, and even suitcases.

An officer and the suspect were both wounded, and two police vehicles were damaged in the melee.

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