Brussels: Suspect Forced Women to Kneel, Plunged Stake Into Their Necks

At least two women were the victims of a man who forced them to kneel in front of him before stabbing them in the neck with a stake in Brussels, Belgium, according to reports.

An unidentified 35-year-old man was arrested and faces unspecified charges following the horrifying attacks, which took place approximately two hours apart on Sunday morning, the public prosecutor's office in Brussels has confirmed.

“The incidents took place on Sunday morning in the surroundings of the Rogierplein,” HLN reports. “There, around 7 o'clock, the man approached a first woman, forced her to kneel down and then stabbed her with a stake.”

“About two hours later the man repeated that scenario with another woman, this time in the Rogier subway station.”

Witnesses of the second attack were able to call police and the man was apprehended.

One of the women escaped with minor wounds, but the other was rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

The man was scheduled to appear before a magistrate on Monday.

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