Dam Opened to Flood River on Greek Border to Stop Migrant Invasion

Bulgaria is taking steps to defend Europe's eastern border from an ongoing migrant invasion, reportedly opening a key dam in an effort to flood a river running between Greece and Turkey.

The Maritsa River, also known as the Evros River, is a popular crossing for illegal migrants looking to pass from Turkey into Greece.

Water levels on the Maritsa are reportedly rising after Bulgaria opened the Ivaylovgrad Dam, which regulates flows on the Arda River, a tributary of the Maritsa.

"...the passage for migrants from Evros became even more difficult as the dams from Bulgaria opened and water levels began to rise further," Greek outlet Star reported. "Neighboring authorities, in consultation with Greece, made the move to make the country's determination to guard the border even clearer."

"The Ivaylovgrad Dam released even greater quantities from noon onwards, resulting in the rising levels of the Arda and Evros rivers."

Greece says it repelled 42,481 illegal crossings between February 29 and March 9 amid a border surge initiated by the Turkish government.

Greece's efforts to defend itself and Europe are reportedly being undermined both by Turkey and supposed E.U. allies.

Turkish President Erdogan has announced his coast guard will actively confront Greek maritime patrols.

"They will run away and we will chase them. That’s how it will be from now on," Erdogan vowed on Wednesday when asked about an incident in which a Turkish Coast Guard boat rammed a Greek Coast Guard vessel.

Meanwhile, Danish authorities have admitted to helping migrants reach the island of Kos, in open defiance of Greek directions to do the opposite.

“Operation leader Jens Møller of the Danish Police told Danish Radio that they had picked up 33 migrants who went to Greece in a rubber boat when they received orders from Poseidon headquarters to send them back outside Greece's waters,” Sputnik reports.

“The Danes refused to obey the order, which they called ‘controversial’ and ‘life-threatening.’ The inflatable boat, according to a crew member, was not in ‘seaworthy condition.’”

Dan Lyman of Infowars Europe joins The Alex Jones Show to break down what is behind Erdogan's latest call to invade Europe.

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