Farage Hit With Milkshake After Burger King Tells Customers to 'Have Fun'

Burger King has sparked controversy for promoting milkshakes amid a surging trend of conservative candidates having the beverage thrown at them just days before the European Parliament election.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage became the latest victim of the shock trend during a campaign event in Newcastle, England, after the fast food giant’s social media account told people in the region to “have fun” with the hashtag “justsaying.”

A followup tweet hours later added they would “never endorse violence” and customers should drink responsibly.

Shortly after Monday’s attack on Farage, he was overheard near security officials saying “how did you not stop that?”

Later, Farage responded to the incident by warning campaigning is “becoming impossible” due to the radicalization of anti-Brexit remainers.

A screenshot of the protected Twitter account of the alleged thrower, Paul Crowther, appears to indicate the attack was premeditated.

Crowther, 32, has been arrested on suspicion of assault, according to Fox News.

Furthermore, a screenshot posted by journalist Nick Monroe depicts Burger King’s UK Twitter account ‘liking’ a tweet saying “Burger King is antifa.”

Other candidates who have been hit with milkshakes this election season include Tommy Robinson and UKIP’s Carl Benjamin.

Correspondingly, a recent Tommy Robinson event supported Farage’s ‘impossible to campaign’ claim after it was disrupted by Muslims wearing balaclavas.

Tommy joins Alex to discuss the effects of censorship on his campaign and the future of populism.

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