Bystanders Attack Police During Arrest in Culturally-Enriched Netherlands

Police officers were attacked by bystanders during an attempted arrest in the Netherlands city of Utrecht, according to local media.

A melee broke out in front of a halal eatery on Kanaalstreet when a suspect reportedly resisted apprehension, prompting officers to escalate use of force.

The man in question was wanted for skipping an outstanding community service sentence, NL Times reports, citing a police statement.

"At that moment, dozens of bystanders stood around the arrest. There was scolding, pushing, beating, kicking and pulling," the statement explained. "The officers were forced to pull their baton."

Multiple videos of the brawl were shared to social media, showing onlookers assailing officers before a back-up contingent arrives.

One officer can be seen receiving a blow to the back of the head during the apprehension, sparking additional attacks.

"The police also said that two women continued to interfere with the arrest, despite warnings, and pushed and pulled at the officers," NL Times reports. "The suspect whose arrest started this whole incident, managed to slip away in the commotion."

The original suspect was later apprehended, along with three others, and more arrests may follow, police say.

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