Cars Set Ablaze, Blown Up Across Sweden

Cars across Sweden were incinerated in suspected arson attacks and an explosion during the weekend, according to reports.

At least four different car fires were reported in different parts of Skåne County, including a car bombing, as well as a massive blaze that damaged at least a dozen vehicles in a car park in Uppsala.

In Eslöv, the national bomb squad investigated a blast that damaged at least three cars on a driveway leading to a villa, which was also affected.

“There was a fire in a vehicle standing in the driveway of a villa in Kungshult. The fire was preceded by a loud bang,” police explained in a report. “There are signs that a detonation has occurred. A vehicle has severe damage and window panes in the villa have been crushed.”

In Lund, police discovered a "heavy" fire had damaged several cars parked at a cemetery, one of which was totally destroyed, SVT reports.

In Hässelhom, police responded to a car fire that damaged one vehicle.

In Mälmo, a vehicle was completely incinerated by another fire.

All three incidents are being treated as vandalism and no suspects had been identified or arrested at the time of recent police updates.

In Uppsala, a dozen vehicles were heavily damaged or destroyed in a suspected arson attack.

“During the night of Saturday, many cars were set on fire in Löten in Uppsala,” Fria Tider reports. “An entire area was in flames. The massive car fire is suspected to be intentionally set and classified as arson.”

The fire burned "very powerfully," according to a rescue squad spokesman, causing the roof of the car port to collapse on vehicles below.

The blaze required response teams from three different fire departments.

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