Chilean Migrant Arrested for Kidnapping, Raping Child in Sweden

A Chilean migrant previously known to authorities was arrested for kidnapping and raping an underage girl in Sweden, according to reports.

Four suspects were arrested during a raid on Friday at an apartment building in Skogås, a municipality in the Stockholm metro region.

Authorities say a young girl who escaped from a foster home was abducted and held in captivity for at least two days at the residence, during which time she was allegedly raped.

Three of the suspects, two women and a man, were later released, but a fourth male was held and charged with kidnapping, aggravated rape of a child, and aggravated weapons offenses.

He has been identified as Benjamin Flores Tilleria, a 20-year-old Chilean national who has previously been convicted of various drug and vandalism crimes.

"He has also been investigated for sexual molestation and child rape. The last time he was suspected of child rape was in 2020, when he was also in custody. However, the suspicions were dismissed after a period of investigation," Aftonbladet reports.

Interestingly, Aftonbladet made no mention of the suspect's immigration background or nationality in their report.

"Police have been very secretive about the case," the outlet says.

Obfuscation of key details in crimes committed by migrants is a common tactic used by mainstream media and authorities in Europe, as Infowars frequently points out.

Independent Swedish outlet Samnytt obtained and published court documents showing the suspect's name and Chilean citizenship.

"The investigation is ongoing and the two women released today, as well as the man released Saturday, have not been removed from the investigation," the prosecutor's office explained in a press release.

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