Berlin Mandates Medical Masks for Passengers in Private Cars

Passengers in cars traveling in Germany's capital city are now ordered to wear medical-grade face masks, the government there has decreed.

The Berlin Senate has modified local COVID regulations to include a new rule imposing unprecedented medical tyranny upon travelers in the city.

"All passengers in a private car will have to cover their mouth and nose in the future," Berliner Morgenpost reports. "However, this does not apply to the driver. Members of your own household are also exempt from this obligation."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently announced cloth masks would no longer satisfy face covering requirements, decreeing that medical masks must be worn in shops, businesses, workplaces, and public transportation.

The same standard will now apply to passenger vehicles in Berlin.

"It is made clear: A medical face mask must be worn in all vehicles," Berliner Morgenpost explains.

"A mask requirement also applies to gatherings using vehicles (car parades), provided that there are more than people from the same household in a car."

Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller has indicated there are no plans to ease COVID restrictions in the city anytime soon, claiming that 'new mutations' of the virus justify continued draconian measures.

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