Agency to Vaccinate Workers Before Cleaning Brussels 'No-Go' Transit Station

An agency responsible for cleaning a major Brussels transit station has announced staffers will be vaccinated against hepatitis strains amid a "deplorable" health crisis likely brought about by illegal migrants squatting in the facility.

Agence Bruxelles Proprété (ABP) says a dozen staffers will be administered Hepatitis A and B vaccines amid a reported spread of diseases at Brussels-North station, according to La Dernière Heure.

"We will take this preventive measure to protect our staff who perform cleaning in this area," said ABP spokesman Etienne Cornesse. "In addition, our staff will be equipped with overalls, goggles and a mask for safety reasons. We are aware of the deplorable situation at the Gare du Nord and we take the necessary measures to avoid any risk to our employees."

ABP says that containers which have been installed to collect migrants' waste present additional health hazards.

“These containers are problematic because the waste is squeezed, with the risk of splashing, and our workers are de facto in contact with this waste," Cornesse explained.

The decision comes just after trade unions announced that bus drivers will no longer stop at Brussels-North, citing a reported outbreak of infectious diseases including malaria, tuberculosis, and scabies.

Brussels-North, one of the city’s busiest transportation hubs, has been overrun by illegal migrants who have turned the station and nearby Maximilian Park into a de facto 'no-go zone,’ according to local media and officials.

Bernard Clerfayt, mayor of the Brussels municipality of Schaerbeek, recently warned about the deteriorating conditions at Brussels-North.

“The migrants are now housed in the inner lobby, where management in terms of cleaning is unclear,” Clerfayt said. “Therefore, these spaces have not been the subject of any inspection and authorities allow migrants to huddle in them.”

“These people do not have toilets, no showers, and brawls are frequent at the site, because the number of places is limited and fights occur to reserve the best location first. And once they are settled, the migrants stay on the spot for a long time to avoid being without a place, which causes even more problems with the cleanliness.”

Infowars Europe has reported regularly about the plight of Brussels-North and other public transit stations in the globalist stronghold, many of which are becoming hotspots for crime and violence often perpetrated by migrants.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Los Angeles resident Karen Hix about trash and raw sewage now piling up in the once great streets of L.A.

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