Climate Change Activist Attacks Mona Lisa Painting in Paris

A man who shouted slogans about climate change attacked the Mona Lisa painting in Paris by smearing it in cake cream, but his efforts failed miserably due to the iconic work of art being protected behind bullet-proof glass.

The incident took place at the famous Louvre art museum on Sunday.

Onlookers were shocked to see what appeared to be an old woman in a wheelchair rise up and rush towards Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece.

The perpetrator turned out to be a young man wearing a wig and he was quickly dragged away and detained by security guards, but not before he was able to smear the painting with cake cream.

β€œThink of the Earth. Artists think of the Earth. All artists think of the Earth. That’s why I did it,” he shouted in French.

The painting is protected by thick bullet-proof glass which was installed in 1956 after another vandal damaged the painting by dousing it with acid.

Staffers quickly cleaned off the cake cream and normal service was resumed.

Apparently, the culprit thinks attention-seeking to propagandize for climate change activism, a cause amplified by virtually every major media outlet, corporation, the entertainment industry, cultural institution, government and academia, is some kind of rebellious, edgy statement.

It isn’t.

Attempting to desecrate something, which unlike man-made climate change is actually real and valued, isn’t the best way to convince the public to support your cause.


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