Cologne Cancels Iconic Cathedral From Its Logo Because It’s Too “Old-Fashioned”

In another sign of national identity being erased, the city of Cologne in Germany is set to remove the symbol of its iconic cathedral tower from official material because it is too “old-fashioned.”

Yes, really.

Cologne Cathedral, a designated World Heritage Site, is Germany’s most visited landmark and is the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe.

But that hasn’t protected it from the ravages of progressivism.

City officials paid a consultancy firm to commission a “market analysis” into the logo, which found it to be “old-fashioned, bulky and emotionless.”

The city argued that the old design “does not do justice to the character of a livable, highly attractive metropolis in comparison to other European metropolises.”

The decision to ditch the logo from official letterheads, work clothes and other official signage has prompted a substantial outcry.

“The mayor removes the Cologne Cathedral from the city logo because it is ‘old-fashioned.’ Nobody conquers our country. It is we ourselves who voluntarily erase our culture. We create a vacuum that others are happy to fill,” tweeted Alternative for Germany’s Beatrix von Storch, the deputy parliamentary leader of the party.

The president of the German-Hungarian Society, Gerhard Papke, compared the erasure of the cathedral to the treatment of Muslims in Cologne, who were recently given permission to broadcast the call to prayer.

“The decision in Cologne to remove the cathedral from the city’s logo should not come as a surprise, since mosques were recently expressly allowed to call the muezzin,” he tweeted.

Many feel the removal of the logo is part of the process of Germany becoming “culturally enriched” and feeling ashamed of its own heritage.

As we highlighted earlier this year, Germany’s CDU political party is considering dropping the word ‘Christian’ from its name in order to appeal to a more diverse demographic.

Last year, then German Chancellor Angela Merkel was forced to admit that her 2015 decision to allow a million migrants to enter the country had led to some “dreadful incidents, like what happened on New Year’s Eve in Cologne,” a reference to when North African migrants sexually molested and raped around a thousand German women in one night.

Notoriously, feminists in Cologne reacted to the incident by handing out flowers a few days later to migrants at the local refugee center.


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