Conservative Politician Blasted For Claiming French Are Being “Ethnically Cleansed” by Migrants

Conservative politician Gilles Platret was blasted by members of his own party and reported to the authorities after claiming that French people were being “ethnically cleansed” by migrants.

Platret, who is vice-president of the centre-right Les Républicains (LR) and Mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône, made the comments during an appearance on French television.

“What we see today in some neighbourhoods — and I will use a word that will necessarily make reactions around this table — I feel a kind of ethnic cleansing,” said Platret.

He added that foreigners (mainly Muslims in France) serve to “gradually drive out what is called in demography natives, that is to say, people from the country, to make room.”

Damien Abad, a member of the Republicans in the French parliament, said Platret’s comments were “not acceptable” and insisted that the party shouldn’t be pandering to such rhetoric to attract voters.

This is a dubious claim given that Marine Le Pen and French intellectual Eric Zemmour, who have made similar comments, are Emmanuel Macron’s closest rivals in the 2022 presidential election.

Aurélien Taché, an MP for Val-d’Oise, was so offended by Platret’s statements that she reported him to the authorities for “incitement to hatred.”

However, Platret stood behind his words, insisting that uniformity of opinion shouldn’t be treated as a virtue.

As we previously highlighted, “diversity” in France has been such a failure that even Conservative presidential candidate Xavier Bertrand recently warned that the country faces the risk of a “civil war” due its problems with gang violence and uncontrolled mass immigration.

Although he has not yet formally said he will run in the election, mass migration critic Eric Zemmour has moved to within just five points of President Macron in the polls.

Zemmour has called for France’s notorious Islamic ghetto no-go zones, which are routinely the scene of violence and mass rioting, to be “re-conquered by force.”

A poll taken back in April found that the majority of French citizens thought some form of “civil war” was likely as a result of failed multiculturalism and attacks on French identity.

The poll was prompted by a letter that was signed by 1,000 military servicemembers, including 20 retired generals, warning President Macron of “several deadly dangers” threatening France, including “Islamism and the hordes of the banlieue,” a reference to the fractured suburbs around major cities with high crime and immigrant populations.


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