Copycat Activist Fails to Stop Deportation of Migrant

A Finland Green Party official was quickly detained while attempting to copy a stunt blocking the deportation of a migrant via airplane.

Aino Pennanen, a legal officer for the Green Party and part of the anti-Trump 'Resistance,' hoped to prevent the repatriation of a man who was being escorted by police on a flight from Helsinki to Berlin.

Pennanen refused to take her seat prior to takeoff, despite orders to do so - a tactic employed last week by a Swedish female activist who achieved minor success in delaying the deportation of an Afghan migrant who had been convicted of assault.

Both women livestreamed their 'demonstrations' on Facebook.

Pennanen was quickly removed from the airplane, causing only a 10 minute delay, while her husband and children remained onboard.

Pennanen told Helsingen Sanomat she had noticed police vehicles on the tarmac prior to departure, and saw a man sitting in custody at the rear of the plane, prompting her outburst.

"I do not know who he was or where he was going," she said. "I heard him cry and ask for help."

"I tried to scream to other passengers and I asked them to take the captain. They did not rise. One of the front passengers said that I have to sit down because she has a connecting flight."

Pennanen's Facebook page advertises her support for a variety of left-wing causes - including an "I stand with refugees" meme, as well as her opposition to President Donald Trump, as her profile's cover image features a "RESIST" banner flying above the White House.

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