Corona Lockdown Cops Quizzing People on Their Food Purchases

Corona lockdown cops in Wales quizzed a woman about what items she was about to purchase from a grocery store in another example of how COVID-19 rules are being wrongly enforced.

The country is currently under a ‘Tier 3’ lockdown which means that everything has been completely shut down apart from supermarkets and other grocery stores.

According to a resident of Monkton, a small village in Wales, police stopped her before she entered a branch of the Spar convenience store and questioned her about what she was planning to buy.

The woman said police asked her where she was going before she answered that she was going to Spar to buy custard.

Cops then asked if custard was an ‘essential’ item, to which the woman asked, “Well, would you have crumble without custard?”

The officers took no further action but the fact that they appear to have no grasp of the law, which doesn’t give them power to control what people buy from shops, is alarming.

As we reported last month, the Welsh government initially ordered supermarkets to cover up “non-essential items,” including sanitary products, books and clothing, a decision which led to a massive backlash.

This is by no means the first time people have been questioned by police about their shopping habits in the name of preventing the spread of COVID.

Back in April we highlighted how police in Scotland issued a fine to a shopper who bought wine and potato chips during the coronavirus lockdown, claiming that these were “non-essential” items.

Another man reported that his friend’s daughter had also been fined £30 for buying wine and snacks.

Another man in London claimed he was arrested and fined by police for buying wine, despite this not being a violation of the lockdown laws.

Northamptonshire Police also threatened to start searching people’s shopping baskets in order to catch coronavirus lockdown violators, but later had to reverse the policy following a public backlash.



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