Counterterrorism Expert Warns Recent Jihad Attacks ‘Just the Beginning’ of Open Borders Chaos in Europe

Former German police officer and counterterrorism expert Stefan Schubert shared the backstory of the 2016 Berlin Christmas market attack with Infowars Europe during a recent interview.

A dozen lives were ended and 56 people were wounded by a Tunisian terrorist who had recently arrived in Europe as an ‘asylum seeker.’

Standing at the scene of the massacre, Schubert explained how Anis Amri entered the continent via the Italian island of Lampedusa, and eventually connected with multiple Islamic terror networks in Germany before planning the slaughter of innocent people in the shadows of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church church.

Schubert asserts mainstream media is crushing dissent against open borders, warning Germany and Western Europe are likely “just at the beginning” of a broader crisis brought on by mass migration from the Middle East and Africa.

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