Croatia Braces For 60,000 Migrants Moving Towards EU

Croatian border guards are bracing for 60,000 migrants currently working their way towards the European Union via the popular ‘Western Balkan route.’

Zagreb is scrambling to prepare for a fresh wave of determined migrants as thousands of ‘asylum seekers’ accumulate in neighboring non-EU nations Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are struggling to accommodate the influx.

Security experts assert that migrants will seek to exploit the most vulnerable point of entry into Croatia, before working their way north through Slovenia and on to more welcoming destinations, such as Germany.

“If they find a weak point, we will face hundreds of migrants in their attempt to break through the border,” a police source told Croatian media.

“According to official statements made by representatives of Slovenian police, the pressure on this route is extremely high, while there are currently between 50,000 and 60,000 migrants in the area between Greece and Albania, whose sole goal is to reach Western Europe,” reports Serbian outlet B92, which also places the number of incoming illegal immigrants much higher.

“The situation in [Bosnia and Herzegovina] is being monitored as well, from where warnings are coming of up to 120,000 migrants approaching the country.”

Sarajevo is currently serving as an open-air migrant camp, and the city’s modest asylum centers are well beyond capacity as thousands of illegals pour in from around the third world.

“We expect about 50,000 arrivals by the end of the year,” Adnan Tatarevic, a Sarajevo-based pro-migrant activist, told Reuters.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s director of border police has demanded personnel reinforcements to cope with the mounting crisis.

Last month, Serbian MP Sanda Ivic warned that the EU is seeking to turn the Balkan Peninsula into a “parking lot for migrants,” using strong-arm tactics against weak nations, while deferring to demands from Turkey.

“The EU is no longer ready to accept large masses of migrants, so it needs some kind of filter to stem the flow of refugees; but it can’t use Turkey for this purpose because the latter could start blackmailing Brussels,” Ivic told Sputnik. “Croatia is the EU border territory, located next to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.”

“These countries are weaker so you can always threaten them or bribe them so that they do you a favor and accommodate all those people. The EU needs a parking lot for migrants.”

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