Croatia Under Fire For Defending Border

Croatian police are under fire for defending their border with Bosnia and Herzegovina as a steady flow of migrants attempt to illegally force entry into the EU frontier nation.

Open borders activists have accused Croatia of treating illegal aliens ‘inhumanely,’ with the Red Cross criticizing police for allegedly using physical violence and injuring migrants, and demanding the government “guarantee dignity and respect.”

“A desire to control one's border does not justify violence,” said Simon Missiri, Red Cross Regional Director for Europe.

Croatia’s police trade union has hit back at these allegations, maintaining that officers are effectively and humanely defending the border from illegal migrants.

“I think that every day they get a very clear and concrete message that the Croatian police protect law and order and the interests of Croatia,” said Interior Minister Davor Božinović. “I am confident that other countries along the so-called Balkan route will sooner or later start doing what Croatia is doing. That is the only viable way to cope with this challenge.”

The goal of most migrants in Bosnia is to push onwards into Croatia and the greater EU beyond - a tactic that may have been more effective in the past, but after 2015’s surge of Biblical proportions, Croatia and a growing list of allied anti-migration governments are working to stem the tide.

“A rising number of refugees and migrants heading through Bosnia face dire conditions, their way forward blocked by heavy-handed Croatian police,” reports Balkan Insight in an article lamenting the “squalid” conditions facing ‘asylum seekers’ in Bosnia.

The Red Cross estimates over 3,000 migrants have entered Bosnia and Herzegovina just since mid-June - a dramatic increase, and they have overwhelmed the country’s minimal asylum facilities.

“They sleep in parks, on benches; they turned our stadium into a toilet, our children have nowhere to play,” Suhret Fazlic, mayor of Bihać, told Balkan Insight.

“We know that a larger wave is coming and by autumn we could have 13,000 instead of 3,000, and that will be more difficult for those people and for our citizens,” Fazlic said in a separate interview with the Financial Times.

“These people [migrants] are desperate. Come winter they will be in agony,” he asserted. “It is not a question of if there will be an incident, it is only a question of when, and how catastrophic the consequences will be.”

Infowars Europe recently reported on shocking video footage depicting a group of mostly-male migrants attempting to force their way through Croatian border patrols while shouting “Allahu akbar,” and “No Croatia, Germany.”


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