Danish Populists Propose Hardening Border With Crime-Ridden Sweden

The Danish People's Party (DPP), a faction of right-wing populists, is proposing Denmark harden its border with Sweden, where crime has become a major issue, according to local media.

DPP officials are advancing a proposal in parliament for "permanent border controls" with the intention of preventing "Swedish crime from crossing the border," Danmarks Radio reports.

Copenhagen, Denmark's capital and most important city, lies across the Øresund Bridge from Malmö, Sweden - a hotbed for migrant gang violence, bombings, and sexual assaults.

"We would like to see it introduced as soon as possible," says DPP immigration spokesman Martin Henriksen. "We believe that this will have a positive effect on the metropolitan area."

Under the plan, crossings between Denmark and Sweden via train, auto, and ferry would be monitored and incoming travelers would be screened - a practice not common within the European Schengen Area.

"The control shall apply to all border crossings, for example at the ferries between Helsingør and Helsingborg and for trains and motorists on the Øresund Bridge," explains Danmarks Radio.

"In the future, it may be that you have to go forward with the red-colored passport when you return to Denmark after a trip in Sweden."

Current 'red-colored passports' tend to be held by citizens of the European Union or Europe's 'common market.'

Denmark appears to be moving in a different direction on issues related to immigration than its neighbors in Sweden, recently announcing plans to quarantine certain foreign criminals on an isolated island and also stripping a Moroccan jihadist of his Danish citizenship.

An op-ed by George Soros makes the argument that democracy is "outdated" and the cause of anti-EU sentiment.


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