Deadly Shootout Between Migrant Gangs at Serbia-Hungary Border Leaves Locals Terrified

Local residents say they are living in fear following a deadly shootout between gangs of migrants in a forest at the border of Serbia and Hungary over the weekend, according to reports.

Chaos unfolded at around dawn on Saturday morning in Subotica, a city in the Vojvodina province in the north of Serbia.

A fierce gun battle between rival gangs of migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan shattered the morning calm in a wooded region outside the city.

"Locals noticed the sound of gunfire near the Hungarian border. The police marched to the scene in large forces, then combed the forest in bulletproof vests," Hirado reports. "The migrants reportedly shot at the police as well, so the Serbian Minister of the Interior, Aleksandar Vulin, rushed to the scene and gave permission for the use of live firearms."

"A total of seven people were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds. A 16-year-old Iranian girl had to be operated on immediately, and her condition is currently stable."

One person later succumbed to their injuries.

During an ensuing manhunt, migrants found in the area were taken to a police station for questioning.

One suspect, a 26-year-old Afghan male, was arrested under suspicion of murder.

Initial reports indicated that a suspected terrorist was also arrested, but no further information about that matter was made available.

Concerned citizens staged a demonstration on Saturday, demanding authorities round up illegal migrants and take them to asylum centers.

"How can I sleep peacefully after such an incident? I never know when someone will come out of the cornfield and attack me with a gun. If my dog ​​barks, I no longer dare to go out to check why," one woman said.

On Sunday morning, more gunshots were reportedly heard in another forest in the region.

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