First Danish Citizen Deported Over Terrorism Conviction

Denmark has canceled the citizenship of a convicted Islamic terrorist and deported him back to Morocco in an unprecedented move.

Said Mansour had lived in Denmark since 1983, but after multiple convictions for terrorist activities, the Danish Supreme Court ruled Mansour should be expelled to his home country of Morocco and his Danish citizenship revoked - reportedly the first judgment of its kind.

"Said Mansour is the first Danish citizen to lose his citizenship and be deported because of a terrorism conviction," reports Morocco World News.

Since the Supreme Court's 2016 ruling, the Danish government has been working to eject Mansour from the country, with Minister of Foreign Affairs Inger Støjberg declaring that his expulsion was one of her "highest priorities."

"Mansour - also called the bookseller from Brønshøj - has in his time in Denmark betrayed us and tried to undermine and destabilize our country," Støjberg wrote in a statement. "He is probably one of the world's most fanatical Islamists, and I take the utmost distance from everything he stands for."

"He is convicted of terror on several occasions and by 2016 he was again convicted of promoting terror by the Supreme Court and in the same case lost his Danish citizenship. Foreigners who are convicted of terror do not belong in Denmark!"

Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen also weighed in on Mansour's deportation, writing, "Said Mansour has just been handed over to the Moroccan authorities. A final sentence for a vigorous effort to implement the Supreme Court's expulsion judgment from 2016. I am very pleased to send a clear signal that criminal foreigners who promote terror are not part of DK."

Mansour reportedly delivered a handwritten letter to a journalist during his deportation flight which threatened that "Denmark will lose the war against Islam and Muslims" as "Islam grows and grows," and that one can "never stop the light of Allah."

"Jihad is a duty in our religion... Muslims cannot refuse to follow, and it is not just killing people, but following Islamic rules of life," Mansour wrote, according to Berlinske.

Additionally, Denmark recently announced that some criminal migrants and jihadists awaiting expulsion from Denmark will soon be held on the isolated island of Lindholm in Stege Bay, will serve as an operational detention facility by 2021.

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