Denmark Foils Massive Islamic Terror Plot, 20 Suspects Arrested

Danish authorities arrested at least 20 suspects in sweeping anti-terrorism raids across the country, according to reports.

The Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET), along with law enforcement officers, searched 20 addresses in seven districts around Denmark, apprehending some 20 individuals suspected of plotting a major terror attack.

The suspects are alleged to have attempted to obtain firearms and ingredients to make explosives to carry out an attack on Danish soil, DR Nyheder reports.

"PET has carried out an intensive intelligence operation based on the suspicion that several people were preparing for terrorist attacks," PET chief operating officer Flemming Drejer said during a press conference. "They are driven by a militant, Islamist motive. They have the intention and capacity to commit terror in Denmark."

"It does not change the terrorist threat to Denmark – it remains serious. We should not be bowed by terror, we must live our lives normally."

While little information has been released regarding the nationalities or genders of the suspects, at least one of them is a young male with ties to Syrian Islamic militant groups, according to DR Nyheder.

“According to information from DR News, he has previously been part of the Islamist group Milatu Ibrahim. The same group has been associated with several other convicted Syrian fighters,” the Danish state broadcaster reports.

“The man has been called before as a witness in a terror case, where he testified as a Danish Islamist about his Islamic life, according to DR Nyheter's information."

Danish media has reportedly been forbidden from sharing names of suspects in reporting on the case.

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