Denmark Moves to Harden Borders Against Neighbors, Citing Terrorism

The Danish government is pushing forward with plans to harden the nation's borders as neighboring Germany and Sweden continue to invite migrants and an accompanying increase in crime and terrorism.

Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has called for temporary border controls with Germany to be made permanent, Danmarks Radio reports.

The move would require permission from the EU Commission, which is unlikely to be given and could create a crisis within the bloc and members of the Schengen Area, all of whom dissolved controls at their mutual borders prior to the 2015 'refugee crisis.'

"We have to face the fact that we need permanent border control," PM Rasmussen said. "We face some challenges that have come to stay - migration pressures, cross-border crime and the terrorist threat."

"Therefore, as a nation state we need to take care of our borders, and therefore we must develop a new Schengen regime that gives us more political ownership over our own border."

Temporary controls are reportedly set to expire in November unless an agreement to extend them is reached, and Danish officials say they are hoping to renegotiate border accords altogether.

PM Rasmussen also announced 50 million DKK (~$7.5 million) is being allocated for the development of high tech solutions to enhance border management so that manpower can be directed elsewhere and legal Danes can come and go more efficiently.

"This is a recognition that we must have permanent border control," PM Rasmussen said. "It has come to stay, it does not go away again, and therefore we will develop smart border control so that there should not be cops and controls. So, over time, crews can be released and transferred to other tasks."

"So we have to have more hinterland patrols, more government cooperation, more technological monitoring - this is the plan."

Efforts to harden Denmark's border with Sweden are also being advanced, as Infowars Europe reported earlier this year.

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