Denmark to Banish Criminal Migrants to Remote Island

Criminal migrants awaiting expulsion from Denmark will be held on an isolated island, the Danish government has decided.

The island of Lindholm in Stege Bay, some 80 kilometers south of Copenhagen, will serve as a new detention facility by 2021 – after the tiny slice of land (7 hectares) and existing buildings have been decontaminated of African swine fever, rabies, and a variety of other animal-borne diseases that have been studied there by researchers for over 90 years.

Danish Finance Minister Kristian Jensen told BT that migrants convicted of crimes and returning jihadists will be transferred to Lindholm, where officers and employees of the Prison and Probation Service will oversee operations.

"They will not be in jail," Jensen explained. "There will be a ferry service back and forth to the island, but the ferry will not operate 24 hours a day and you must be at the center at night. Then we have more control of where they are."

The Danish People's Party (Dansk Folkeparti) tweeted their approval of the decision, along with a short cartoon video.

"Expelled, criminal aliens have no reason to be in Denmark. Until we can get rid of them, we now move them out on the island Lindholm in Stege Bay, where they will be obliged to stay at the new exit centre at night. And there will be police present around the clock. Great!"

The news about Lindholm comes shortly after Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen denounced the forcing of 'asylum seekers' upon European countries by international bodies.

"Compelling all EU countries to receive refugees is completely wrong," Rasmussen said during an address to European Parliament last week.

Denmark is currently slated to sign on to the devastating UN Compact on Migration next week, however a growing list of countries are pulling back from the "non-binding" agreement as the deadline nears.

(PHOTO: Erik Christensen / Wikimedia Commons)

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