Deportations Up 36% in Austria

Deportations are up 36% in Austria amid an immigration overall spearheaded by populist leaders.

The deportations were triggered by a recent spate of violent crimes caused by migrants, including the random stabbing of a Vienna family by an Afghan migrant.

Additionally, the number of asylum applications has fallen and over 2000 migrants have voluntarily left Austria.

“I’m convinced that the solution to the migrant problem lies with decent border protection and stronger help in countries of origin,” said Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz earlier this year.

Austria is now led by a coalition between Kurz’ populist People’s Party and the right-wing Freedom Party.

The coalition has backed Poland, Hungary and other Eastern European countries that have rebelled against the EU’s “migrant quotas” pressuring each member-nation to open its borders to a predetermined number of migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

Austria’s Interior Ministry will also release more information on crimes committed by migrants and the sequential deportations, a level of government transparency not offered to the public in neighboring Germany.

Austria is also in talks with other countries to create a “migrant sanctuary” outside the EU, as Infowars Europe reported on Thursday.

“People travelling to Europe illegally cross through several countries and pick their favorite one to lodge their asylum claim,” Kurz said. “It shouldn't be like that.”

Kurz actually hatched the plan while he was still serving as Austria’s foreign minister in 2016.


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