Disgrace: Leftists Throw Milkshake Over Elderly British Army Veteran

A British Army veteran was attacked with a milkshake outside a polling booth today in yet another disgraceful example of leftist violence.

UK citizens are voting in the European elections today, where the euro-skeptic Brexit Party is expected to dominate.

Pro-EU Remainers assaulted an elderly British veteran by dousing him with a pink milkshake.

“This man in Aldershot served his country in the Armed Forces for 22 years. Today he went out to exercise his democratic rights on an election day and this is what disgusting Remainer scumbags did to him,” tweeted Leave.EU.

“Some yob [in his] mid-twenties… walked over to me, gave me the finger, went up to the Co-op, got a milkshake, came down here, and threw it on me,” the veteran reportedly said.

“This elderly gentleman served in the British armed forces for 22 years,” said commentator Piers Morgan. “Today he was manning a Brexit Party polling station when he was attacked & had milkshake thrown all over him. All because he wants the result of a democratic referendum to be honoured. Disgusting.”

Segments of the media have consistently endorsed milkshake attacks against supporters of right of center parties and their candidates.

However, following the milkshake assault on Nigel Farage earlier this week by a left-wing Labour voter, the polls showed yet another rise in support for the Brexit Party.

The radicalized left is its own worst enemy. They ran out of political arguments long ago and are left with no option but to resort to intimidation and violence.

When the Brexit Party wins, every single supporter and candidate should flood social media with photos and videos of themselves drinking milkshakes.

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