Distillery Touts Gin 'Voted No. 1 By Rioters' For 'High Flammability'

A distillery in the U.K. was forced to apologize after mocking deadly riots sweeping the U.S. in a product promotion.

In a now-deleted social media post, Bristol Dry Gin Micro Distillery advertised a 150 proof gin by saying, "When the shooting starts the looting starts. Voted No. 1 gin by rioters for its complex botanical mix and high flammability."

A photo in the post includes a flaming shot and bottles of gin with rags hanging from them to mimic Molotov cocktails.

While the advert was apparently intended to lampoon a recent tweet made by President Donald Trump, liberal users were not impressed, flooding the post with negative feedback.

"The rioting is absolutely no laughing matter, people have been seriously injured and murdered," Bristol resident Amy Horner-Webb told the Bristol Post.

"Bristol is such an amazing and culturally diverse city, it doesn’t need to be tarnished by some gin company trying to flog a few more bottles."

Horner-Webb called upon Bristol Dry Gin to donate to a fund supporting Black Lives Matter protesters.

Bristol Dry Gin issued a retraction which was met with further scorn from the public.

"Apologies. We would like to formally apologise for a post made earlier this evening in which a phrase used by Donald Trump in a recent tweet was turned around to say 'when the shooting starts, the looting starts' as a reference to our 75% Abv Turbo Island edition," the company wrote.

"We understand it is a very serious situation, which we should not have made light of. In no way do we condone any form of violence or racism, nor do we condone Donald Trump."

Bristol Dry Gin also appears to have removed an "about" page from their website, which previously offered biographical information about the company's founders.

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