Division Grows in Europe Over Migrant Crisis

There's a clear ideological division over the migrant crisis that's breaking Europe apart, according to a Hungarian politician.

And the factors fueling this division include historical differences, integration experiences and national concepts, says Gergely Gulyas, who was quoted in a Hungarian article with the headline We Can Be Proud of Our Autonomy.

"In general, one of the most important ideological breakthroughs lies in the relationship to migration in Europe," he said. "It is obvious that no common European position can be created on all issues raised by immigration."

"Due to the different historical past, integration experience and different national perceptions, European countries are in the essence of disagreement."

Gulyas, who serves as a minister for the prime minister, also pointed out that differences in priorities between the various countries are also fracturing the EU, which would make sense given that policymakers from Western Europe would have different concerns than those from the East.

Some of these differences are insurmountable, he suggested, which is why he's waiting on upcoming elections in Sweden to determine how to proceed with a dispute between the two countries.

Sweden itself is a microcosm of the problems Gulyas attributes to the EU; the ruling Social Democrats could soon be dethroned in the upcoming elections due to growing opposition to current immigration policies.


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