Dog Defends German Couple From Violent Migrants

A dog defended its owners from an attack by four Afghan migrants, German media reported.

The dog’s owners, a 22-year-old girl and a 31-year-old male, were walking through downtown Chemnitz, a city in eastern Germany not too far from Dresden, last Saturday night when the man was attacked.

“As they crossed the railway underpass between Mauerstrasse and Dresdner Straße, they encountered several people,” reported Blick.

The migrants first harassed the couple before they attacked the man.

However, when one of the migrants went for the dog, he was bit in the thigh, causing the migrants to flee.

The attackers ranged from 18 to 20, and the bitten migrant was arrested.

A similar gang attack occurred in Chemnitz a few days before in which three youths were robbed by who police described as “teenagers between 14-17 years with dark hair and a darker complexion and spoke German with an accent.”


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