Dozens of Illegal Migrants Take Over Empty Brussels Hotel

A large group of illegal migrants recently began squatting in a former hotel in Brussels, according to reports.

Authorities were dispatched to the address on Sunday, where they discovered around 50 migrants hailing mostly from Africa had taken over the building in Saint Josse, a municipality in the Belgian capital.

"They were able to see that the occupation had been in place for more than 24 hours, which rules out any intervention by the police," RTBF reports.

The takeover was organized by a group calling itself the "Undocumented Volunteers of Brussels" who say they hope to sign an agreement with the owner enabling them to stay in the building.

“We’ve been in Brussels for years,” a spokesman for group said in a press release. “Our reality is being undocumented persons, repressed by the police, forced to live on the street or crammed into unsuitable, overly expensive housing, or overcrowded shelters."

“The public authorities refuse to provide us with indispensable solutions, beginning with regularization, which prevents us from working legally.”

According to local laws, the owner will be formally notified about the occupation, at which point they can choose whether or not to push for an expulsion of the squatters.

Illegal migrants and radical leftists frequently commandeer unoccupied buildings in Europe, as Infowars has previously reported.

Freedom Convoys in Canada, Australia, Europe, U.S. are exposing the collapse of the global establishment.

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