London Police Break Up Massive Brawl Where Fighters Used Knives, Bottles, Sword

London police have arrested at least two suspects after a group of up to 40 men fought each other with knives, bottles, and at least one sword on Sunday.

Authorities arrived on the scene of a massive brawl in Southall, a district in west London, just after midnight.

"Police were called at around 0020hrs to a large group of males fight with knives at least one sword in the area of King Street, Southall," Ealing Police explained in a statement. "Officers attended and arrested two males, both in their 20s, on suspicion of violent disorder and affray. Both remain in police custody."

"Team 2 responded to a large fight this morning in Southall involving up to 40 males fighting with swords and bottles, 2 males were chased into St Johns Road and identified as having carried swords during the fight," police said in another explanatory tweet.

There were no injuries reported as a result of the melee.

Large blades have become popular weapons of choice in culturally-enriched London, where knife crime has reached crisis levels.

Last year, a 16-year-old teen was hacked to death with a machete during rush hour at a bustling train station in East Croydon.

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