"On a Mission From Allah," Chase Suspect Tells Police

The driver in a dramatic car chase that ended on the runway at a French airport declared he was on a mission from "Allah," police say.

A high-speed pursuit that unfolded across multiple airports in Lyon, France, ended on the tarmac at Saint-Exupéry Airport, the city's main hub and one of the country's busiest, causing a major disruption as many flights were grounded or diverted.

Video footage depicts a Mercedes going airborne as it barreled towards the runway, with its driver eventually attempting an on-foot escape before being surrounded and arrested.

"I have been sent by Allah," the driver said during the incident, according to police.

The public prosecutor of Lyon has launched an investigation into "attempted murder by an organised group or association, organised and carried out in a dangerous way," Connexion reports, but no apparent links to "radicalization" have been found, and the suspect's actions are instead being blaming on "psychiatric fragility."

Police have only identified the suspect as being a 31-year-old male who stole a vehicle earlier in the day, and after being spotted driving it at high speed against highway traffic, led officers on a wild chase before crashing through a security barrier at Saint-Exupéry.

"The vehicle used by the individual was stolen Monday morning, around 9:30, in Dijon, during a violent car-jacking," reports France Info. "The driver of a Mercedes refueling his boss's car at the Leclerc hypermarket service station in the Cap Nord industrial zone in Dijon was 'beaten up' by a man who left with the car. The assaulted driver was transported to the Dijon-Burgundy University Hospital."

The incident unfolded just hours after an Afghan migrant went on a stabbing spree in Paris, injuring seven victims, including two British tourists.


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