Drunk 'Indo-Pakistani' Suspect Launches Brutal Ax Attack in Paris

Police in France have arrested a man suspected of carrying out an attack that was so brutal, even a witness had to be hospitalized, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded just after midnight on Saturday in the capital city of Paris.

Two people walking along rue Buzenval in the 20th arrondissement came upon a man hacking another man with an ax.

After forcing the assailant to flee, they discovered the victim was bleeding profusely and that his head had been caved in.

Emergency services rushed the victim to hospital in a condition "between life and death," Le Parisien reports.

"The scene was so violent that one of the witnesses had to be hospitalized."

Witnesses described the suspect to police as being "in a state of intoxication” and "of the Indo-Pakistani type."

Incredibly, the suspect reportedly dropped his residence permit at the scene, making him easy to track down.

He was quickly arrested nearby and taken for a night in a drunk tank prior to questioning.

Authorities have only identified the suspect as being a local resident in his 50s.

An investigation is ongoing.

The disturbing event comes amid a heated debate over violent crime and lawlessness tied to mass migration in France.

Military leaders fired off multiple incendiary letters last year, warning the Macron government of looming "civil war" if strong measures are not taken to regain control of a society spiraling into chaos.

Americans are being deliberately deprived of food and energy as part of the Globalist Great Reset.


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