Dutch Government Caught Hiding Serious Migrant Crimes - Report

Dutch authorities are embroiled in a budding scandal as the Ministry of Justice and police are blaming each other for the concealment of serious crimes committed by migrants in a new report, according to local media.

At the heart of the matter is data released by Dutch State Secretary for Justice and Security Mark Harbers, which was purportedly intended to break down various types of offenses committed by 'asylum seekers' in the Netherlands in 2018.

Among a total 4,600 reported crimes is a category labeled "other" where 1,000 miscellaneous illegal acts are lumped together.

Upon further investigation conducted by De Telegraaf, reporters discovered that the worst crimes were hidden under the vague title.

"Last year, for example, 79 sex crimes committed by asylum seekers were registered," De Telegraaf reports. "These included 47 cases of sexual assault in or around an asylum center, five cases of sexual abuse of children, four cases of rape and eight cases of possession of child pornography. Not only do sex crimes fall under 'other,' but 31 murder/manslaughter cases also fall under that heading."

Federal officials are now blaming police for not providing them with detailed information, but law enforcement claims the appropriate government bodies have had comprehensive data for weeks.

Interestingly, police say they are no longer allowed to discuss the issue with the press.

Anti-migration figurehead and prominent MP Geert Wilders has called for Secretary Harbers to resign if he is found to have obfuscated the figures.

"Murder, abuse and manslaughter by asylum seekers were concealed by the ministry," Wilders tweeted. "First the Cabinet allows all the scum to enter our country and then serious crimes by asylum seekers are covered up."

This is not the first time the government has been implicated in hiding migrant crime stats, as De Telegraaf reportedly busted the Ministry of Justice and Security claiming in 2017 that such data wasn't tracked at all, when police were indeed keeping such records.

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