Dutch Police Foil Plot Involving Car Bomb, Suicide Vests

Authorities in the Netherlands arrested two men suspected of planning a “jihadist” attack using a car bomb and suicide vests, according to reports.

Dutch intelligence agency AIVD discovered the men, aged 20 and 34, were making preparations to launch their siege using at least one car explosive and multiple vest bombs at an undetermined location before the end of the year.

“Undercover police were assigned to gather evidence against the men, after they became known to the AIVD,” the NL Times reports.

“The AIVD tipped off Dutch police in early October, which prompted a criminal investigation.”

One suspect was apprehended at his home while the other was arrested on a street in The Hague.

“The suspects intended to commit a jihadist attack,” the Public Prosecution Service revealed in a statement. “They wanted to make use of explosives, and to receive training for this purpose.”

“No firearms or explosives were found on the suspects.”

Agents discovered a throwing ax, dagger, and spare mobile phone during searches of the suspects' homes.

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