Dutch Politician Dies In Apparent Suicide After Sharing Islamic Gang Rape Nightmare

A Dutch politician from the Geert Wilders-led Party For Freedom (PVV) reportedly committed suicide shortly after posting an eerie video claiming she had been raped by a Muslim gang last year.

Willie Dille, 53, was serving as city councillor in The Hague when she shared a video to social media on Wednesday, alleging that she had been "raped and tortured" by a gang of Moroccan Muslims who sought to silence her and punish her for speaking out against Islamization.

In Dille's video, she claimed a disgruntled former fellow partymember who had converted to Islam and now serves in the Islam Democraten party was behind her attack, and that his name had been referenced by her assailants.

Dille contends that her attackers berated her with questions such as, "Do you respect Mohammed? Do you respect Allah?"

According to those familiar with her usual appearance, she looked emaciated and nervous in the video, which she concluded by verbally resigning her post on the council and apologizing to her family and friends for her inability to 'go on.'

Police say they made an effort to probe Dille's claims, but that she declined to file a formal complaint.

"Mrs. Dille did not file a report of a sexual offense or threat, so the police could not conduct a criminal investigation. But we did have several conversations with her and also offered her assistance," a police spokesperson told local media.

"In the past, and also recently, there was contact with Mrs. Dille. Rape and threats were discussed. In that talk we pointed out the possibilities of reporting, but she did not do that. For that reason we could not launch a criminal investigation."

The Hague Mayor Pauline Krikke confirms that Dille had shared her disturbing tale in private, but refused to file a police report because she 'feared for her life.'

"In conversations with me, Willie Dille talked about a kidnapping, threats, rape," Krikke said. "I always urged her: report it. I'm in the dark about why Mrs. Dille did not."

Geert Wilders, head of PVV, expressed his grief and condolences in a party press release.


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