Dutch Protest as Government Dumps 800 Afghan 'Refugees' in Small Village

Residents of a village in the Netherlands staged a major protest against the arrival of hundreds of 'refugees' from Afghanistan, according to reports.

The Dutch government is in the process of dumping 800 Afghans at a military camp in Harskamp, a small town with a population of approximately 3,500.

Around 250 people, many of whom were described as 'young,' turned out for a rally opposing the scheme, which is already being executed.

Shouting slogans such as "Our people first," "No jihad," and "Harskamp belongs to us," concerned citizens carried banners and made their displeasure known.

After nightfall, tires were set alight and some fireworks were detonated as tensions mounted.

Dutch police eventually ordered the crowd to disperse but were met with resistance until dogs were deployed.

Locals say they are concerned for their safety and other potential issues as a comparatively massive group of predominantly Islamic migrants is thrust into their midst.

"It doesn't fit our culture," protesters said.

“Why can't this happen in Rotterdam?"

Dutch authorities have already opened three reception centers for Afghan migrants and announced preparations for a fourth.

Afghan migrants have played a key role in driving up crime rates across Europe in recent years, as Infowars has documented.

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