Eco-Lunatics Block Roads Again, Prevent Ambulance From Getting to Hospital

Extinction Rebellion eco-lunatics occupied roads in the UK yet again, this time blocking an ambulance from getting to hospital and preventing a woman from seeing her sick mother.

After having re-branded themselves as ‘Insulate Britain’ due to public sentiment for their behavior turning sour, the climate clowns blocked the Blackwall Tunnel as well as Hanger Lane, Wandsworth Bridge and Arnos Grove in the 11th such action taken by the group.

One video clip shows a woman begging the activists to allow her through to see her very ill mother, who had been taken to Canterbury hospital in an ambulance.

“I need to go to the hospital, please let me pass. This isn’t okay… how can you be so selfish?” asked the woman.

Another video shows motorists doing the job the police were seemingly incapable of doing quickly enough and physically removing the protesters.

“There’s a fucking ambulance, you stupid pricks, get out of the road!” one man asserts.

So long as the media keeps giving these idiots attention, they won’t stop blocking roads, no matter how irate the British public are at their behavior.

That’s because much of the media (and the establishment as a whole) broadly agrees with their agenda to sink Britain into a green tyranny that will crash the economy, cause massive unemployment, and unleash a new wave of social engineering, micromanagement and surveillance.

Far from representing a ‘rebellion’, the group is actively aided by the establishment amplifying its narratives and the police behaving like therapists towards them whenever they block roads.


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